Our department has especially strong traditions in vascular biology, electro-neurophysiology, blood-brain barrier permeability, and drug delivery into the brain.

We presently have two broad research foci:

Neurophysiology and blood.

As a physiology department, we are working hard to learn the pathophysiological mechanisms of blood, skeletal muscle, and brain diseases.

We have also translational and clinical studies on the effect of transcranial direct current stimulation on various diseases, on cognitive and physical performances in healthy volunteers and athletes, autonomic function studies with heart rate variability and skin resistance measurement methods, sensory and pain physiology, and we have expertise in neuromonitoring during neurosurgery, cortical-subcortical mapping, preop-intraop cortical mapping in epilepsy surgery, neurofeedback-biofeedback applications, and clinical use of evoked potentials.

Detailed information is in the “Our Laboratories” pages.