What is physiology?

The name Physiology comes from the Greek words physis (nature) and logos (reason) and represents a field of science that investigates the normal functions of living organisms. It investigates the physical and biochemical functions of cells/organs/systems and sets out limits of normal functions. Since we cannot identify the malfunction of a cell/organ/system without knowing its normal working ranges, physiology is considered to be the foundation of medical sciences.  For that reason, the name of the Nobel Prize for health sciences is named ‘Nobel prize for physiology or medicine’.

Physiologists at Koç University School of Medicine are aimed to understand and discover the functioning of human physiology at the molecular and cellular levels as well as system levels. At present, in addition to undergraduate medical students, we are teaching nursing students as well. Our department is involved in expanding innovative approaches in teaching, including problem-based learning methodology.

The department currently consists of 4 full faculty members.